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Why we make use of certain ingredients

As a company, we try to do as much as possible on sustainability. We use as little water as possible in the production process, and our packaging is also biodegradable. We only use natural ingredients, plant-based oils, and natural waxes in the products' root. Finding the right ingredients that meet the wishes of our customer is extremely important to us. And because we are so concerned with sustainability, we also expect our suppliers to be involved in this. After all, you cannot produce a sustainable product without the ingredients being obtained sustainably. This article will clarify how we deal with this and which ingredients we use and why.


As a sustainable company, it is essential to select our suppliers carefully. We want to represent ourselves as a company that deals with natural ingredients and does everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint. That means, as we said in the introduction, that our suppliers need to be concerned about this issue as well. One of our suppliers Gustav Heess is very clear about their sustainability. They consider the consequences of their actions from an economic, social, and ecological perspective and make sure that we act to benefit society and the environment. They are very active in their source and actively demand and promote environmental and social standards among our partners. In their transportation, they take into account that they are using environmentally friendly transport solutions. Gustav Heesz prefers reusable tanks for the gentle transport of vast quantities of goods. Their main headquarters are in Germany, which is located on a very central point in Europe. In this way, they can reach different places in Europe easily and reasonably quickly.


One of the ingredients we use in our products is natural and organic coconut oil. Coconut oil collected from the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) also finds widespread use in tropical and subtropical areas of the world for food and manufacturing purposes. The coconut oil, traditionally produced in West Africa, is made by crushing and pressing copra (dried pulp) to extract the oils. Coconut oil produced by crushing copra is edible and has been consumed in tropical countries for many years. The world's coconut oil production has been increasing over the past decade mainly because of the greater global need for the essential characteristics of coconut oil. It contains the saturated fatty acids caprylic, lauric and myristic acid primarily. These acids help reduce dryness and allow your skin to retain moisture.

The oil also provides:

  • A protective barrier

  • Helping shield skin from environmental toxins

  • Dirt and other icky stuff you're faced with every day

  • Smooth skin and improve texture

By letting us produce your product, you can be sure that the ingredients' origin is ethically collected. No human rights were at stake and also the production itself is as sustainable as possible. Of course, we can always continue to develop. That is why it remains important to always look for ways to continue to become more sustainable. After all, sustainability is our standard.

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