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Our role in the changing cosmetic industry

No one can escape from the serious problem that is global warming. Not even our company, although we do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as little as possible. The indisputable consequences of climate change are paired with increased attention to the problem. This heightened focus on environmental issues has not escaped consumers, as they too are aware that human activities are one of the main contributors to global warming. The group of consumers who are especially concerned with the environmental problems related to the manufacturing of products are called eco-friendly consumers. This group is getting bigger and bigger and gets more important in the success of sellers and/or producers of cosmetics, like our factory.

One of the areas in which this trend is noticeable is cosmetics; the sales of natural and organic products are growing faster than the rest of the beauty industry. We've seen this change as well and had to anticipate this. We have moved to a bigger location and our number of employees grew. The underlying reason for this is the growing awareness and knowledge related to the environmental effects of the production of cosmetics. The current environmental issues encourage consumers to buy natural and organic products. These can be less damaging to the environment in several regards. Products are obtained using sustainable methods, the production process is less polluting and packaging is done with recyclable materials. In our production process and packaging, we take these changes into account

This shift in attention is something manufacturers should take notice of. Consumers devote more time to understand the environmental impact of the products they buy. The main focus is no longer solely on the product’s purpose, efficacy or even price, but the environmental footprint is just as important. Manufacturers should take this into account when designing their products and production processes to meet consumer’s demands and remain relevant. We as a manufacturer recognize this shift and respond to the consumers' needs. Natural Cosmetics Holland ​​works in the most sustainable way possible and thus fills the needs of the consumer. Sellers of cosmetic products must go along with this change to meet the needs of consumers. The world is changing, so we have to change with it.

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