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Corporate social responsibility

In our factory in Beverwijk, we produce cosmetic products on our conveyor band. We are a factory without emissions. Whether it is about selecting the materials or the way we treat people, sustainability is the standard. To produce our products, we operate together with people who have difficulty finding an appropriate job. Countless different organizations work with all types of people. That diversity of skills, characteristics and competencies make organizations thrive and unique. We focus on a group who needs some extra guidance to get started. These employees are the people who have difficulty finding an appropriate job.

It is important for us that we listen to them and assist them in their personal development. After all, everyone deserves a job where they enjoy themselves and which pushes them to their limits. “There is a lot of understanding, patience, and appreciation from the staff at Natural Cosmetics Holland for people like me. I’m right where I belong!” says Jolanda Brakenhoff, production worker. Eventually, that is our goal, to give people a place where they belong. It brings enrichment to our workplace. Experiences show that people enjoy going to work. The employees are motivated and want to participate in society. It also creates a certain dynamic which creates a great working atmosphere and stimulates personal growth.

Sustainability is the main focus in everything that we do in our company. This is not solely aimed towards environmental sustainability, but also social responsibility. A society only thrives if everyone is able to get the best out of themselves. We are proud to be a company that stimulates people participating in society and giving them a place where they are able to be themselves.

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