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Cardboard as our packaging

Natural Cosmetics Holland is a factory with zero emissions. Whether it concerns the materials we use in our products or the way we treat our people, sustainability is our standard. Our packaging cannot be left behind in our way to a sustainable world. One of the materials we use a lot in our packaging, tin, we have discussed a couple of blog posts ago. Now it is the turn of cardboard, a way of packaging that cannot be forgotten within our company. In this article, we discuss why we make use of this material and what kind of advantages it can create for the environment.

Cardboard packaging has become one of the most used packaging solutions for all industries, including the cosmetic industry. People more and more want their products to be "green". Customers and brands tend to seek more eco-friendly packaging solutions while maintaining good quality and price. The way it is packed is the first thing people see and therefore just as important as the product itself. Why cardboard is an ideal solution for our packaging is because it is eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. It is one of the materials with the least environmental impact. Its manufacture means a reduction of up to 60% in CO2 and oil emissions compared to other materials. Besides this, Recycling cardboard saves a lot of energy. 90 per cent less water and 50 per cent less electricity are needed to make them.

In Holland, the paper is recycled by separating waste. Households dispose of the paper separately or have it collected. Recycling is of great importance in Holland. With a recycling percentage of 80, the Netherlands is in second place in the OECD countries. Only in Slovenia is this share slightly higher at 85 per cent. Many different materials are disposed of separately. The amount of waste produced is an indication of the pressure on the environment. Attempts are made in various ways to limit the environmental impact associated with waste. The shift from landfilling to recycling and recovery means a lower environmental impact. Besides, effective recycling and the reuse of waste are important in the green growth strategy, because the reuse of material often has a lower impact on the environment than the use of primary materials. It is of great importance to us as a company that we are involved in this. We are continually looking for ways in which we can reduce our ecological footprint. We stick to the vision 'not to harm, but charm the environment' by using cardboard as packaging material for our products.

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